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Mel has amazing energy that manifests in high volume and high quality output of strategic and tactical initiatives. Mel’s experience base is quite broad across Category management, Trade marketing and Consumer marketing which positions her perfectly to make a positive difference in any organisation. I could always rely on Mel to deliver any task or project with passion and high personal accountability.

Shane Bonello, Sales Director
Pacific Region, The Wrigley Company Pty Ltd

Melinda is passionate about understanding consumer emotions, needs and actions and how these translate into strategies that will drive a client’s top line sales and bottom line business. She is intellectually curious, immersed in the latest thinking on research techniques and provides an insightful & actionable service to her clients. Enthusiastic, and fun to work with, her broad experience give her an ability to speak plainly on business issues. She excels at collaborating with clients to find the best solution.

Katharine Milner ,Director-Qualitative Insights
The Leading Edge

Mel exhibits strong traits as a researcher.  From a project management point of view, Mel is highly organised and motivated, and anticipates next steps displaying strong initiative. From a research perspective, Mel’s greatest skills lie in her inherent understanding of client issues. This understanding ensures that she designs and executes projects that lead to meaningful insights for clients. Mel is a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.

Courtney Sullivan, Associate Director
The Nielsen Company

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The Next Revolution – The Revolution Of How We Work

Colmar Brunton’s (Millennium Monitor) theory on 5-7 year stint revolutions means one is coming our way again soon (well they always are). Now I’m not going to sit here and say “Yeah I’ve got it… I know where the world is heading next”. But I am going to give my stab on where we are heading based on what I’m hearing, seeing, reading and… I’m part of it too… So what I’m feeling.

Let’s put a couple of things down…

The Digital Revolution: we are in the midst of it. While I’m on the waitlist for my apple watch I’m also waiting too see what the next 5 years… Let’s cut to the chase… 2 years bring. Technology is the new enabler to what the Industrial Revolution once was to the way we led our lives.


The Lament of the Working Mother: Tony & Joe are busy telling parents (actually let’s be clear… this is mainly women) to get back into the workforce (and by this I suspect they mean a traditional office job or face to face service industry given they seem to be wanting you to prove it if you want any sort of childcare rebate). The challenge is… who is picking up all the other stuff that needs to be done? Sick kids, washing, homework… All the stuff that makes the average household tick… That doesn’t just disappear and more often than not falls on the ‘mum’ to add to her ‘to do’ list.


Gen Y: for all negativity that may be written about the ‘me’ generation… I say ‘go for it kids!’ (Well not really kids anymore but they are younger than me). They aren’t taking the way it has always been done as a given and if they think there is a better way to do it than they will say ‘stuff the rules’ and give it a good go… And most of the time they do a bloody good job of it. Uber now has a bigger market capitalisation than FedEx…




So my take on the Next Revolution…. The Workplace.

Driven by women and Gen Y who say ‘enough!’

Why do I need to be sitting in an office 9-5 (and let’s be realistic and say 8-6pm at a minimum) doing the same job day in day out and have my salary directed by someone’s subjective opinion.


All the puzzle pieces are in place that we can:

1. Work where we choose.

2. Work when we choose.

3. Work on projects that interest us.

4. Work with people that we enjoy collaborating with.



The increase in work hubs and online collaboration portals means we facilitate this way of working very easily. This next revolution won’t be political based but against the traditional working structure to allow for the elusive work-life balance.


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